The Start of Something New

Hello to everyone reading this…

My name is Emma. Some of you will know me personally. Some of you may have come across my previous blogging disasters (yes, it’s still out there if you wish to go back and dig out my past!). Some of you (I hope) will be new. Whoever you are, I’d like to welcome you to my new blog.

Sitting down and writing this has taken me over six weeks. I’m not entirely sure why, as this isn’t new to me. Perhaps I’m a little out of shape, in more ways than I had already realised. Most likely because, while my previous blogging ventures have been centred around one theme (a.k.a book reviews), this time I’d like to start something broader. Something that truly reflects where I am in my life right now, which just posting rushed book reviews like younger me did no longer suits.

For those of you who do not know, I am a British undergraduate student: I study American Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia (UEA). As I type this, I am in Los Angeles, where I am studying abroad at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Perhaps unsurprisingly (as it is a big life experience), the past few months in America have made me think about things in a completely different way. In part, it was the start of something new: beach trips and new friends and a whole range of academic options previously shut off to me which I learned quickly to enjoy. Mostly, it sparked a desire to rediscover something that I had lost, back when I buried my previous blog three years ago. In retiring that page when I went to university, I lost a creative outlet: the chance to be in control of my own little project, where I could make it look and read as I wanted it to. But perhaps more importantly, I lost my voice. As an introverted mess who is much more able to get her point across when writing as opposed to when speaking, I realise that putting pen to paper (or keys to screen I suppose?) was a stress-reliever, to get all those things I didn’t feel confident saying to people face-to-face out into the world, disconnecting myself as the writer from the people who read it. And at a time in my life where I feel so in flux, torn between two sides of the Atlantic and not quite able to communicate fully with either, I felt inspired to start posting once more. A new start in that I felt it warranted a new blog rather than a return to the old one, however, this is ultimately becoming an attempt to regain something which once made me happy and transform it into something that feels more appropriate to the person I have become.

On that note, this blog isn’t going to become a singularity, and it doesn’t quite have a theme. As a Literature and Culture student, it may contain book and film reviews as before, accompanied now with some essays that reflect my thoughts on a whole array of current and historical topics. As a student abroad, the next few months at least will be rooted in my experiences, and perhaps reach out to people wanting some tips and advice or just a familiar story to follow. As a writer and aspiring filmmaker, it may follow me on my journey to complete projects, through writer’s block and logistical problems to the final piece itself. As a borderline obsessive sports fan, there may be some vague attempts at reporting that most likely become unprofessional ranting or raving. And most importantly, as a young woman, I want to talk about the world around us and the things that shape who I am today and who I will become looking forward. I do not want to put any constraints upon myself, other than to write from the heart and give voice to the things I think are important to share.

And I hope you all want to share it with me. If you want to reach out, critique, comment or share, then I would love you to do so. If you just want to have a little laugh at me, or feel like there’s someone else out there who feels just as confused as you do, then I hope you find a little bit of that here. Mostly, I’m just glad to get a weight off my chest and rediscover enjoyment in something that once made up a huge piece of who I was, in an entirely new way.

If you stuck with my rambling for this long, then thank you. I hope you decide to stay for the ride.


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