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Hi there, and welcome to A (Good)Year in the Life!

I’m Emma Goodyear (shameless pun, I know) and I’m a British student in my 20s, embarking on an undergraduate degree in American Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia (UEA). I previously took a study abroad opportunity majoring in American Literature and Culture at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

My blogging history began back in 2014 with the creation of my first book reviews blog emdoesbookreviews, which focused on reviewing a mix of young adult and adult literature, with the occasional film and TV review, personal ramble and my own writing samples. The blog ran for two years, coming to an end as my time at university began (and my ability to read for pleasure rather than academic purpose sharply dwindled!) You can still access all emdoesbookreviews posts here.

Since the end of emdoesbookreviews, my literary interests have developed – while I still read a lot, I now focus more on adult fiction – predominantly historical or science fiction – as well as nonfiction and academic essays. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered through my interdisciplinary American Studies degree, it’s a passion for investigating the intersection of the arts, humanities and social sciences: history, literature, public policy, film and television, law, photography, media, culture. The co-dependence of all of these things is something I write a lot about. It is this which inspired me to look beyond just book reviews to think about the intersections in media, entertainment, sports, and all other areas of popular culture which fascinate me. Looking back on how much I have developed in the past few years, and how my interests have evolved, provoked me to restart my blogging journey, with a wider scope than before.

Here on A (Good)Year in the Life, I write essays, reviews and articles in a range of topics: book reviews, much like those found on my previous blog; an updated ‘Cinema Corner’ containing film and television reviews; creative writing samples; personal essays on popular culture; thoughts from abroad; articles and responses to news and current affairs; sports reporting; and a wide range of topics that I want to share with anyone who wants to read them.

This blog is my outlet: an opportunity to write about what matters most to me. It would mean the world to me if you took your time to browse my blog, or even give me a follow on here or social media. And I hope that, in reading it, you get something from it – enjoyment, anger, questions, anything. If you ever have any recommendations, feedback (keep the criticism constructive, people!) or ideas, feel free to drop me a comment or message, and I will always try to make time to give you a message back. I would love to know what people think, and always appreciate advice and positive comments from others.

With all of that out of the way, read on!



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